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 What now?...

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PostSubject: What now?...   Sun Oct 10, 2010 11:43 pm

Hey NWO. Im posting this to see if we can get any ideas out of us. there isnt much we can do, pvp wise without chuck here, and things are looking very bad atm. I think we need to start clan hunts atleast once a week when all of us make an effort to log on and kick some ass. i dont know why we all choose to sit behind ark gates when there are easy kills roaming about just cause 1 strong nuke is online. anyway, post your comments and ideas and we can see what we come up with bounce
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PostSubject: Re: What now?...   Mon Oct 11, 2010 12:54 am

bro, i'd say once per week is on the conservative side! we should be doin on every day, we are one of the best and we should put our members to good use and kick some ass! like you say many easy kills roaming around, and if we logged in force we could really do something Cool
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PostSubject: Re: What now?...   Wed Nov 17, 2010 3:31 am

I might not be in Clan right now, But i have a idea that i believe you will all agree with, Starting December 15-17, 2010 get the Zodiac Quest Done, Any potions IE Elixir of Unexcelled Accuracy, Potion of Divine Reward, Potion of Divine Power-Up and What ever you use to LIVE when fighting. As Elvensin and Pknight are going to be hosting a GRIND session to get everyone as far as they want to go in LVLs IE im grinding to 540 so i really recommend you come along for the GRIND. This is an OPEN invite to ALL of NWO. Ill be back at almost complete 1.0 then. Nukes if you are coming Reset your element to FLAME at the minimum. Hitters OW bleeder builds. Tanks do your thing as meat shields. Ill keep tabs on this to see who all wants to COME along. If you arent trying to grind with us but have a lvl 300 who can get to Zodiac get em there with nothing but lightness on there gear loaded down with HP, MP potions for those who are pushing to 540 so that we dont have to break from grinding to go to Tournaments to reload. Ill be moving Deathsfortune there as a Potion Storage Player. IE im going to get him Normal LVL 260-300 gear and start quinting it with Lightness. So that carry weight is as high as possible. Objective is if you have accounts loaded with Blues and reds sitting we can skip tourneys and continue grinding to give us a edge and constant Leveling. As soon as i hit lvl 540 im rejoining NWO and finishing MOD 1.

Start getting what you need now if you are planning on joining me and John.

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PostSubject: Re: What now?...   

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What now?...
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